New Year's Levee
to Sep 5

New Year's Levee

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Happy New Year Everyone!
I'm starting the year by painting. On January 6 from 1-4 it's the New Year's Levee hosted by MP Karina Gould at the Art Gallery of Burlington. I'll be painting in the Shoreline room with other artists.. This photograph is my starting point but being an abstract artist who knows where my painting will end. Come and See!

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A Nature show
to Dec 28

A Nature show

.  The first painting of eight complete.  Each complete painting will  have 4 individual paintings.  It is about Nature's 4 Sacred Elements: Earth. Water, Air and Fire

My first painting, the turtle, represents WATER.

The turtle is the most endangered species in the world but, it is also highly protected around the world.  

This can be found in abstract paintings


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to Feb 3

Portrait Show

I have a portrait in the show titled "If You Only Knew."  There is no image because I was under a time crunch.  
You know how they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words?"  Let me try it a different way.  I'll do my best to paint you a picture with words.
First of all, when I looked at her eyes I wondered what she was thinking and that is where the title came from.  Being an abstract painter the portrait of a woman is closest, in style, to Picasso although, I love all of the Abstract Expressionists.  The woman has long dark hair, large oval eyes and a curved line for her nose.  The portrait appears behind three horizontal colours; soft yellow on top, aqua green  in the middle and blush wine on the bottom.  This is a mixed-media piece.  The limited rice paper on the canvas provides the natural lines around the eyes.

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Look in Mixed Media (photo based)
to Sep 7

Look in Mixed Media (photo based)

I have finished a new Mixed Media (photo-based)  I will have it at Culture Days 2015 in Burlington at the Civic Square 11-4.  It is called "The Look" and you don't have to wonder why.  This gorgeous animal is looking right at you.

For more Mixed Media (photo-based) I have a page dedicated to them.

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Culture Days 2015
to Nov 18

Culture Days 2015

 Last Year, I enjoyed Culture Days at the Civic Square in Burlington and I look forward to seeing you again.
My artwork, "Photo-Acrylics" is a combination of my own photography and acrylic painting with a twist. The twist is the look and feel of painting with wax. 
Also, I have photographed a brick wall and I would like your input on how to turn this photograph into a "photo-acrylic." What should be put on this brick wall? Please come out and tell me your ideas.

 Right now I'm working on a gorgeous horse and soon I will finish the amazing clouds I was lucky enough to encounter one morning.

I'll be at the Civic Square in down-town Burlington from 11-4 on Saturday, September 26.  For more information visit and search Beth Bennett in Burlington.

More info

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to Jul 11

Kathy Marlene Bailey Glaze Oil Painting




 Article b y: Beth Bennett


I was eager to see “Summer Reflections,” a solo show by BFAA member, Kathy Marlene Bailey. She is a talented artist who specializes in glaze oil painting and her love of nature, especially water, is evident. Captured in the water is life and movement. Throughout her paintings there is a richness of colour and a soft glow of light.

One painting that caught my attention was “Under The Willow Tree.” I wanted to be there with my feet in the water , the sun on my face and the birds singing around me.


This is a show not to be missed. Exhibiting now until July 4th in Hamilton at Art@231

231 James Street North

Kathy Marlene Bailey's website:


Art At 231's website is:





Beth Bennett is a Fine Art photographer, painter and mixed media artist. 


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9:30 PM21:30


My painting is complete and can be found in Abstract Paintings.  The marks represent our family, friends and animals around us.  How our lives our lived separately but, with each other in mind.

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to Jan 23

Your "Favourite Things"

For Burlington's Culture Days 2014, I asked people for their "favourite things" to inspire me for my next artwork(s).  I had to stop reading them and start creating! For my first artwork,  I have chosen Picasso's "Blue Period."  In the past I have breezed over his "Blue Period" because of it's depressing nature but, because it was someone's "favourite thing,"I looked at it more closely. Thank-you to the person that gave me this one and Thank-you to everyone that gave me a "favourite thing."  I'll be going back to this list often.

I've chosen a painting to work on.  It's about family and is called "Separate but, Together." I like to tell people that I have a positive nerve in my body therefore,  I have only chosen to use the colours blue and blue/green from the "Blue Period."  I have included black.  That's one of my "favourite things."  

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to Jan 27

Culture Days Update

I had a fantastic day yesterday.  Being outside in the sunshine and listening to live music while I painted was perfect.  I also enjoyed speaking with you and learning about your  "favourite things."  If you wanted some time to think about it or if you have more favourites, send me an email by going to my contact page. 

I will have the completed artwork on my website by mid-November.

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to Dec 5

Culture Days Art Display

I will be displaying new photography, painting and mixed media at Burlington's  City Hall on Friday, September 26 12-5.  

I will also be looking for inspiration for my next works) of art.  Do you have a favourite song, poet/poetry, book,  memory..... Inspire me.

From Brant street head into the City Hall building and you'll spot me at a table.

426 Brant St. Civic Square

L7R 2G2


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