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Your "Favourite Things"

For Burlington's Culture Days 2014, I asked people for their "favourite things" to inspire me for my next artwork(s).  I had to stop reading them and start creating! For my first artwork,  I have chosen Picasso's "Blue Period."  In the past I have breezed over his "Blue Period" because of it's depressing nature but, because it was someone's "favourite thing,"I looked at it more closely. Thank-you to the person that gave me this one and Thank-you to everyone that gave me a "favourite thing."  I'll be going back to this list often.

I've chosen a painting to work on.  It's about family and is called "Separate but, Together." I like to tell people that I have a positive nerve in my body therefore,  I have only chosen to use the colours blue and blue/green from the "Blue Period."  I have included black.  That's one of my "favourite things."  

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Art Gallery Of Burlington
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