The Four Sacred Elements (images below)

The Four Sacred Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire were introduced to us by science (440 BC) and were also known by Aboriginal peoples.   Both groups may not have known all things about the Sacred Elements then but, they both knew that each element affected the other.

 All that we see in the news today are the stories that sell; the bad news. For once, I wanted some good news about the environment.  I researched the elements with the plants and animals found within them looking for positive information.  A lot of positive information is there it's just hidden.  What I found has made me feel better about our world today and that there is a point to the recycling and the water conservation I do.  We absolutely have work to do but, it's not over!  The sky is not falling.

In the past, people unknowingly put themselves and the planet at risk but, now we know better.

Water represented by the Turtle.  The turtle is the most endangered species around the world but, it is also very protected around the world.  After a steep decline there are signs of Hope for the world’s Sea Turtles; community involvement and government protection as well as stiff penalties have provided this hope.

            Air represented by the Monarch Butterfly.  Many are familiar with the Monarch Butterfly and are helping the butterfly's survival by planting milkweed and not using pesticides.

            Earth represented by the Canadian Boreal Forest.   To date, the Canadian Government has protected and maintained the Canadian Boreal Forest.   Importantly, the future health of the forest can be affected by the following powerful giants: oil and gas, logging, mining and hydro.  We can help here too.  Be aware.  Be a voice.  Pass it on.

            Fire represented by natural and necessary Wildfires to the life cycle of a forest.  In this painting, these are the trees left standing after a wildfire due to their fire-retardant bark.  Healthy fire is an important element.  Try to go a day without fire.

The Four Sacred Elements- Together

1. Air/Water “Floating on Air" It's no secret the planet needs help.  Presently, in Canada and around the world individuals, communities, governments, activists, environmentalists, artists and more are working hard to keep contaminants out of the air and water that could be harmful to all living things.

2.Air/Earth "Listen to the trees" Trees clean our air, heal us, absorb rising CO2; these are many reasons to keep and grow even a single tree.

3.Fire/Air “Fire In The Sky” The Cardinal is not just a pretty song bird.  It combats the West Nile virus by not re-transmitting the disease back to feeding mosquitoes. Cardinals live in older growth forests; another reason to preserve woodlands.

4. Water and Fire "Yin and Yang” The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory, for example, female-male, dark-light and old-young.

These are just some of the encouraging reports I found.  If we keep up all the hard work there will be more good news and great things to paint.