At a young age, I danced on any platform I could find. Dance was so important to me, I continued it in high school at the School of the Arts.  This was the beginning of my creative education.  I have flip-flopped between creative and analytical thought throughout my life, ultimately this had a profound affect on my visual arts style.

After my creative high-school education, I earned a "Physical and Health Education" degree in university.      and maintained my creativity by taking a photography course.  

From university, I entered college and received a post-degree diploma,  in "Sport and Event marketing."

After my education, I found my first career job but, I felt the need to travel and off to Australia I went.  My camera made the trip!   When I returned from Australia I looked for more creative opportunities.  I found Photography and later Fine Arts at The Art Gallery of Burlington.  

Initially, I began to paint to improve my photography but, I fell in love with painting as an individual art.  Now, I enjoy both art forms separately and sometimes together.  The experience and knowledge of each art translates into an extra way of seeing.

My vision is generally abstract however, when I see nature in this world that is so beautiful I want to photograph it as is.  These photographs are found in "The Natural World."  

 My  painting is representational or completely abstract.  

Photography and painting together are Mixed media (photo-based.)